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Universal Studios at Disney World

Me: "Stop force choking your sister!"

Aaaaaand... go!

Disney World, I bring a challenge to your cheer and epic scale. I bring... pre-coffee sleep deprivation. Which will win? Which will slink away in defeat?

2K, seriously?

So, I got The Bioshock Collection for the PS4 for Yule. I asked for it, and getting it made me very happy. (Thanks again, brother-in-law!)

Later, I found out the hard way that 2K disabled streaming from their game on the major consoles. Odd, because they'd used Let's Play videos as a way to spread interest in the game. While a bummer, I still had three games I wanted to play, that I'd get to play. I just wouldn't be able to share them.

I had an idea today while watching one of my stepson's videos. Had they disabled the console's video recording feature? If streaming was off, that should be off too, right?


I'll be able to record my gameplay and share it after the fact! Yay!

But, wait. Why go through the effort of turning off streaming at all? WTF, 2K?

Shit my kids say

Me: How come you still have trouble with that door handle?

Acelyn: I think I lost all my strong.

Something I've noticed...

Why does it seem like most Native Americans are portrayed as clean shaven, no matter the time period?

Product idea

Sand worm eating a lawn gnome.


So, Amazon owns Twitch.tv.

Google/Alphabet owns YouTube.

And now Microsoft owns Beam.pro?

I shouldn't be surprised that by the time I found an alternative streaming platform, it'd be owned by one of the companies I don't want to support.


Son of a... now I'm thinking about a capture card. Where will the rabbit hole end? :)


Good thing my favorite diner was closed this evening, or I wouldn't have been wandering and found the last part of my non-valentine's-day present for Nikki.

Added bonus, I found something for Cian to earn with good behavior at school.

I see what you did there

I wonder if LiveJournal supports hashtags. Let's give it a try. #NOHATE


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